The motorcycle and the places it takes us.

We're motivated like most who can't get enough of these machines in our lives: to roll out of bed, risk, and chase the life we're looking for. Motorcycles have a way of moving us towards that. While the machine is the thread that connects us, it’s the places it takes us that often create the greater stories of our lives. We seek to tell those stories in a timeless publication that had been missing from our own coffee tables: a quarterly, heavy stock, 114-page storyteller capturing the chase.

You might be accustomed to what a motorcycle-based publication should look and sound like. At first, you'll likely be confused....and then hopefully delighted, enjoying this rag kicking around your world as much as we do. 

To the wind in your face, on or off the bike...

The crew at Iron & Air
Feature Considerations
  • Builder Profiles - Q&A or essay style
  • Bike Builds/Automotive Features - featured project/builds
  • Lifestyle/Culture - events, travel, destinations, experiences
  • Destination/Legendary Roads - travel/journey/location-based features
  • Product/Gear - lifestyle and/or motorcycle related
  • Artist/Photographer Profiles
  • Technical Articles - showcase an expertise or unique skill set (wrenching/riding/etc)
  • Fiction - short stories that are motorcycle/non-motorcycle alike – nothing is off-limits

We'll consider almost any story, feature idea, photography, or artwork, but generally, our editorial falls in line with the following categories. Features may reside in social streams, in our online journal, or in the pages of Iron & Air. Please note, placement location is up to the discretion of our editorial team.

Note: If your bike or feature idea has been published elsewhere (blogs, other magazines, etc.), it's likely won't be something we will use. Please be clear if you have slated this content for publication elsewhere, as there are certain circumstances we will consider (we may be able to share it socially, but it may not make it into our online journal or the magazine).